Weng Group is a leading pioneer of mineral sourcing in Thailand, and has long-served the glass and ceramic industries by providing high-quality core components for production – including
feldspar, dolomite, soda ash, quartz, and silica sand. Today, Weng Group actively owns and operates multiple mineral processing mills and sand washing plants throughout the country. In addition, we have long-served as the local distributor for ANSAC (American Natural Soda Ash Corporation), the world’s largest natural soda ash exporter. Our ongoing mining efforts, coupled with our partnership with ANSAC, allow us to ensure a stable, long-term supply of well over half a million metric tons per annum of high quality minerals for the marketplace.

We also operate an extensive and cost-effective distribution network that provides for all steps along the supply chain, accommodating our clients’ needs for untainted transfer of minerals. With over 20 years of exclusively handling imported soda ash from ANSAC, we are a leader in handling dry bulk cargo with expertise in the operation of key coastal and inland waterways, as well as ground logistical support services. We also provide essential warehousing support with multiple quality-controlled storage facilities throughout the country


Additionally, we are actively expanding our efforts and are successfully leveraging our core competencies as we produce distinctive glass-related products such as glass blocks and chemically-strengthened glass. These high-quality products are in strong demand by a broad customer base not only in Thailand, but in numerous other markets around the globe.
Whilst thriving in our core expertise, we continue to actively diversify into areas that can further benefit our clients. Among such efforts, we own and operate a leading recycled paper plant that supplies glass interleaving paper as well as other consumer paper products.

Moreover, we have expanded into new industries and markets. Today, we fully own and operate a varied number of businesses, including a granite mine and mill, three authorized Nissan automobile dealerships, an American franchised trampoline park, a hotel as well as various real estate and infrastructure investments throughout Thailand.

Finally, Weng Group continues to embrace an active multi-industry investment strategy. Weng Group today holds significant positions in numerous leading companies in Thailand, including Don Muang Tollway PLC, Kiarti Thanee Country Club Co., Ltd., Siam City Insurance PLC, and Thai Public Port Co., Ltd. (a petroleum storage service terminal), to name a few.